Understanding Female Investors

Women Using Capital to Change the World

Original Research from Moxie Future

About this Survey

We conducted a survey of 2,536 women in five markets in select countries in diverse parts of the world – Australia, China, Germany, UK and US. The survey was conducted through online interviews during March and April 2017.

In each market, we interviewed approximately 500 women aged 18 to 65 and nationally representative of ABC social status and secondary educations. All were either solely or jointly responsible for financial decision making in their household.

Understanding women’s preferences, perceptions and motivations on responsible investing

Little primary research exists on women’s distinctive approach to money and their preference for investing responsibly. Moxie Future felt it was time to shine a light on the mind set of today’s female investors. We commissioned this research to better understand women’s priorities when making investment decisions – and the concerns that may be deterring them from responsible investment.

Moxie Future believes that women are neither adequately understood nor properly catered for by the financial industry. We believe that women want their money to be put to work, not just for financial returns but to bring broader benefits – for society, for the environment and for the world we live in.


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What Our Study Revealed


care about where their money is invested


feel a sense of urgency to invest responsibly


are motivated to be responsible investors


We look at women and their preferences when it comes to investing responsibly.

We outline the data which has revealed that many women are already starting to think about responsible investing: a truly exciting finding confirming that there is a market need and an opportunity to be built upon.

So what issues do women care about? What are the top priorities in their responsible investing agendas and what kinds of companies do they want to invest in?

Financial performance is of course a priority but women say they are influenced by a range of issues in their investment decisions. They ARE looking beyond the bottom line, to use their money in a way that builds a better world.


For China, delivering environmental solutions and products was the most important

Over 69%

of women across all markets would be interested in responsible investment products

Behavior and Barriers

Though women are strongly motivated, what is holding them back and how can we move the market forward?

Financial confidence is a necessary pre-condition for empowering women as responsible investors. We still have some way to go on this. How do we empower women to be more financially confident?

Let’s also look at how women make investment decisions, in particular, their use of financial advisors. But here’s the thing, many women don’t have financial advisors so this is also an opportunity. Women want to receive information about responsible investing in different ways.

We found that while women are generally positive about responsible investing, they have various doubts and concerns, and face practical difficulties when it comes to committing their money.

In four of the five markets, women are concerned that thinking about broader impacts may result in lower financial returns

(in fact, there is convincing evidence to the contrary)

Lack of time, lack of trust, and lack of understanding

Many of today’s busy women say they lack the time to fully research investment products and make informed decisions, that they have difficulty trusting information on responsible investment products, and that they have trouble understanding how these products and investment strategies work.

Where do women gather information on investing?


Independent online research


Attending events


Online communities

Myth Busting Needed

More active communication by investment professionals and the media regarding the successes of sustainably-progressive companies, with a strong interlink between financial and non-financial metrics and their impact.

43% of women do not feel confident in deciding their own finances

57% of women do not have a financial advisor

What Can be Done

Women want to know more about responsible investing.

This research has confirmed our hypothesis that female investors are seeking new ways of investing that offer good financial returns and also create positive societal and environmental change. It also reveals that much needs to be done to help female investors get there.

The global financial industry needs to recognize these aspirations and offer better tools, products, solutions and advice to enable women to invest in line with their beliefs and values.

Practical Guidance

We need practical guidance and frameworks to support women in understanding what to look for and how to assess the sustainability performance of the companies and sectors they invest in.

Product Availability

We need more financial products and services that cater to the many women who want to invest responsibly, including investment funds focused on such themes as climate change, environmental protection, sustainable infrastructure, and health and wellbeing.

Information & Analysis

We need to empower women as investors by providing better information on and analysis of the various responsible and impact investment products currently available.


We need peer-to-peer learning, experience-sharing and networking to help women grow more confident in their financial decision making, particularly as responsible investors.


We need to keep the conversation going on how female investors can reshape how we use capital for the greater good.

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We’d love to hear what you think about our Understanding Female Investors research!

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